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Posted: November 14, 2010 in The WIPs - Nevill

I’ve been so busy with other things (finishing the rewrite on Dissolution being the main one, a little bit of paid work being the other) that I haven’t posted anything substantial to the Feast for some time. And I know that there are some poor souls out there anxious to see how The Daisy and the Bear is going to end! I think there’s only a few more chapters to go, which news surely comes as a relief to all involved.

As for Nevill, it has (by necessity) been bubbling away on the backburner. I can’t delve much deeper until I have some funds to buy books and, even more important in many aspects, some of the articles that are stacking up in my research file. As I’m currently not affiliated with a university, I’m having to pay full price for these, and it’s usually quite a chunk!

I had a look at what I’d written so far for the first time in months the other day and it struck me (again) that there are too many characters. This was never going to be a one book exercise, and I think I have the big picture in my head now.

Book 1 – Nevill – covering 1453-71

Book 2 – The Duchesses – covering whenever I decide to start various bits to 1485

Book 3 – Fitzhugh – covering 1448-1503 [I know this sounds like a long time – Alice Fitzhugh’s fault, not mine – but I think it might be manageable if I stay focussed on what’s important]

and possibly, if I live that long and get any of the others finished:

Book 4 – Percy – covering I have no idea at this point

As The Duchesses will tell the stories of 5 prominent women of the time (the duchesses of Exeter, Suffolk and Burgundy, Clarence and Gloucester) I can delete anything written so far – or at least save it to another file for future cannibalistion. That immediately culls the horde in Nevill (and a couple of chapters!). The other thing I’m planning to do is cut all the York bits, thus tightening the focus. This will cut out a lot of Cecily Nevill scenes, but she’ll just have to cope with that.

There’s a lovely scene between the young earls of March and Rutland that I am loathe to part with, but it no longer has a place in Nevill, based on the new structure. I might share it in the next few days, just so it doesn’t entirely go to waste.

I will finish Daisy in the next week or so as well.

  1. Caroline says:

    Thanks for the update, Karen! In the meantime, I’m enjoying your posts over at The History Police on Facebook. And please do share your scene between the young Earls of March and Rutland!

  2. Looking forward to seeing Daisy and the rest! I might have some of the articles you’re looking for in my files–let me know!

  3. Anerje says:

    Thanks for the interesting update! Looking forward to ‘Daisy!’:> The Duchesses looks a very interesting project!

    • anevillfeast says:

      Thanks, Anerje! It grew out of the idea of an Anne Nevill project. Despite being constantly tagged by some historical writers as ‘obscure’, she actually has a hell of a lot of books! (Shares most of them with her second husband…) 😮

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