The Nevills in February

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Nevents

A couple of battles and the Lincolnshire rebellion… Hmm – what to choose.


9 Feb Margaret of Anjou submits a proposal to council that she be named regent during the king’s incapacity

13 Feb Richard duke of York named Protector and Defender of England

14-2 York’s first parliament assembles

1455 The duke of Somerset (imprisoned in the Tower on charges of treason) is released by Henry VI

1457 The duke of Exeter, Thomas lord Egremont and John Clifford attempt to ambush the duke of York and earl of Salisbury on their way to Westminster

24 Feb York, Salisbury and Warwick agree to fund a perpetual chantry in the name of the St Albans dead


3 Feb Battle of Mortimers Cross  😀

16 Feb Second battle of St Albans  😦

John Nevill captured; Warwick and Edward earl of March (technically duke of York since his father’s death) meet in the Cotswolds and summon their chief captains for a conference

Margaret of Anjou’s forces fail to march on London

Warwick and March make for London

17 Feb Cecily Nevill, duchess of York, sends her younger sons, George and Richard, to Burgundy for safekeeping

London demands assurances from Margaret that her men will behave before they surrender the city, a delegation is sent to meet with her and a group of Lancastrian knights is allowed into the city

18/19 Feb Margaret sends the bulk of her army to Dunstable

23/24 Feb Margaret is in St Albans

26 Feb Yorkist advance party rides into London

27 Feb Warwick and March in London


John Tiptoft, earl of Worcester, is appointed Treasurer

John de Vere, duke of Oxford, and his oldest son Aubrey, are detected in conspiracy and executed

13 Feb Warwick is appointed Keeper of the Seas and has the fleet in the Channel before the end of the month


11 Feb Birth of Elizabeth of York (daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Wydeville); Warwick is her godfather, Jaquetta Wydeville and Cecily Nevill are her godmothers


Lincolnshire rebellion stirred up against Edward IV by Warwick

Warwick and George, duke of Clarence, assure Edward that they are on their way to give him their support. Both are in secret communication with the rebels.


Edward IV (in exile in Burgundy) prepares to return to England

Warwick begins gathering an army in the midlands

16-2 Treaty with France confirmed by parliament and signed

27 Feb Warwick goes to Dover to meet Margaret, Edward prince of Wales and Anne Nevill, princess of Wales – they don’t arrive

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