Edward IV’s proclamations after the battle of Empingham

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Earl of March/Edward IV, Empingham, George, Duke of Clarence, Lincolnshire rebellion, Primary sources, Richard Nevill, Earl of Warwick

Rex Viceconti Warwicensi et Leicestrensi salutem. Praecipimus tibi firmiter injungentes, quod statim, post receptionem praesentium, in singulis locis infra ballivam tuam, tam infra libertates quam extra, ubi magis expediens videris, ex parte nostra publicas proclamations fieri facias, in haec verba:

Forasmuch as it hath pleased God of his goodness and grace to send to our Sovereign Lord the victory of his Rebels and Traitors of his shire of Lincoln, late assembled in great numbers, levying war against his Highness, contrary to their allegiance and duty; Our said Sovereign Lord, therefore, not willing his subjects, other than such as now attend upon his most Royal Person, to be put to charge, labour and business, by virtue of his commissions of array, and other writing, [of] late addressed to divers shires, cities and towns, for the resistence of the malicious and traitorous purposes of the said Rebels, wills, and in the most strait wise chargeth, that none of his subjects presume, nor take upon him, to raise nor make any assembly, or gathering, by reason of any of the said commissions, or writings, nor by money, stirring, writing or commandment made, or hereafter to be made, by any person, or persons, of whatestate, degree or condition soever he be of, less than it be by the King’s commission, Privy-seal, or writing under his signet, of new to be made after this the thirteenth day of March.

And if any person, or persons presume, or take upon them, or him, to do the contrary hereof, our said Sovereign Lord will repute, and take him, and them so doing, as his Enemies and Rebels, and will proceed to their lawful punishing, in the [most] straitest wise, according to his Laws and Statutes in such case ordained. . . .

Rex Vicecomiti Eborum salutem. Praecipimus tibi firmiter injungentes, quod statim, post receptionem praesentium, in singulis locis infra ballivam tuam, tam infra libertates quam extra, ubi magis expediens videris, ex parte nostra publicas proclamations fieri facias, in haec verba:

Howbeit the King our Sovereign Lord granted unto George, Duke of Clarence, and Richard, Earl of Warwick, his pardon general of all offences committed, and done against him, before the feast of Christmas, last passed; trusting thereby to have caused them to have shewed unto him their natural love, allegiance and duty; and to have assisted his Highness, as well in subduing [the] insurrections and rebellions, late made against him in the county of Lincoln, as in all other things concerning the surety of his person; and, in trust that they so would have done according to their promises to him made, his said Highness authorised them by his commission under his great seal to assemble his subjects in certain shires, and them to have brought to his said Highness, to the intent aforesaid; yet the said Duke and Earl, unnaturally, unkindly and untruly intending his destruction, and the subversion of his realm, and the commonweal of the same; and to make the said Duke King of this his said Realm, against God’s law, man’s law,and all reason, and conscience, dissembled with his said Highness, and, under colour thereof, falsely and traiterously provoked and stirred, as well by their writings as otherwise, Sir Robert Welles, late calling himself Great Captain of the Commons of the said shire of Lincoln, to continue the said insurrections and rebellions, and to levy war against him, as they, by the same, so did with banners displayed, advancing themselves in plain battle, until the time his said Highness, by the help of God, put them to flight; wherein the said Duke and Earl promised to the said Sir Robert and Commons to have given them their assistance to the uttermost of their powers, and so would have done, if God had not given unto him the said victory, as the same Sir Robert Welles, Sir Thomas De la Lande, Richard Warren and others have openly confessed; and shewed before his said Highness, the Lords of his blood, and the multitude of his subjects attending upon him in his host at this time; which Sir Robert Welles, and the said other petty captains, affirmed to be true at their deaths, uncompelled, unstirred or undesired so to do; and as by the confession of the said Robert Welles, made under his writing and sign manual, it appeareth. And after that the said Duke and Earl, understanding and seeing that this their said labours would not serve to the performing of their false and traitorous purpose, before declared, laboured by their writings and messages sent into Yorkshire unto divers persons there, them straitly charging to [do] make open proclamations in their own names, without making mention of his said Highness, that all manner [of] men upon pain of death should come unto them, and give them their assurance in resisting of him; whereupon his said Highness sent unto the said Duke and Earl, by Garter, King of Arms, summonition and warning of their said accusations under his privy seal, straitly charging them to come unto his said Highness, reasonably accompanied according to their estates, and degrees, to answer unto their said accusations; which to do they presumptuously refused, and withdrew themselves, and fled with their fellowship into Lancashire; so as his said Highness with his host for lack of victual might not follow them, to the intent that they might gather his subjects in greater number, and to be able to perform their said false, and traitorous purpose, and intent; for the which causes they have deserved to be published, as false traitors and rebels, and to have the uttermost punition of the law; yet never the less, our said Sovereign Lord considering the nighness of blood, that they be of unto him, and the tender love, which he hath afore time borne to them, were therefore loath to lese [lose] them, if they would submit them[selves] to his grace, and put him in surety of their good demeaning hereafter.

Wherefore our said Sovereign Lord will, and in the [most] straitest wise chargeth, the said Duke and Earl, that they, in their persons, come in humble and obeisant wise, and appear before his Highness, the twenty eighth day of this present month of March, Wednesday next, or before, wheresoever he then shall be, to answer unto the said accusations; which if they will so do, and come [and] declare themselves not guilty, his Highness will be thereof right glad, and have them in his grace and favour; and if they refuse thus to do, then our said Sovereign Lord reputeth, taketh and declareth them as his rebels and traitors, willing and straitly charging all his subjects to do the same, and that none of his subjects from that time forth receive them, nor either of them aid, favour, nor assist with meat, drink, nor money, nor otherwise, nor none other person which, after the said Duke and Earl have refused to come to our said Sovereign Lord as is aforesaid, abideth with them, or aideth them, or assisteth in any wise; but that every[one] of the King’s subjects put him[self] in effectual [en]deavour to take the said Duke and Earl, and all others so abiding with them, or aiding or assisting them, as is abovesaid, and them surely bring to his Highness upon Reward for pain of death;  And he that taketh and bringeth the said Duke or Earl shall have for his reward; to him and his heirs, a hundred pounds worth of his land of yearly value, or a thousand pounds in ready money, at his election; and for a knight twenty pounds worth of his land, or a hundred marks in money; and for a squire ten pounds worth of his land, or forty pounds in money; and over that cause our said Sovereign Lord to have him and them, so doing, in the more tender favour of his good grace at all times hereafter.

Et hoc sub periculo incumbenti nullatenus amittas. Teste Rege apud Eborum 24 die Martii.

from The Chronicles of the White Rose of York

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