The Nevills in March

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Nevents


14-3 The earl of Devon is indicted for high treason, later acquitted.
The duke of York publicly states his allegiance to Henry VI.

15-3 Edward of Lancaster is formally invested at Prince of Wales.

22-3 Chancellor and Cardinal Archbishop of Canterbury Kemp dies.

23-3 A deputation, including Warwick, is sent to examine the king and, if possible, seek his wishes on who should replace Kemp. He is too ill to give any response.

25-3 Commons urge the Lords to appoint a Protector.

27-3 York officially appointed Protector and Defender of England.


4-3 Duke of Somerset secures a declaration of innocence from Henry VI. York is dismissed as Captain of Calais and Somerset reinstated.

7-3 Earl of Salisbury is dismissed from as Chancellor.


Warwick fits out as many ships as he can and sends vessels out to scout the English Channel.

4-3 Warwick appointed Keeper of the Seas in place of the duke of Exeter.

9-3 Somerset and Northumberland attempt to ambush Warwick on his way to Westminster; Warwick immediately leaves for Calais.

17-3 Henry VI leads a public processions promoting peace.

25-3 Loveday ceremony.


16-3 Warwick sets out for Ireland to consult with the duke of York.


1-3 George Nevill, bishop of Exeter and chancellor, addresses soldiers gathered in St John’s Field, preaching a sermon promoting the claim to the throne of Edward earl of March (duke of York).
A delegation of captains brings the news to Edward, at Baynard’s castle, that he has been proclaimed king by nobles and commons alike.

4-3 Edward is ceremoniously proclaimed king at Paul’s Cross, he rides to Westminster for a brief crowning ceremony.

6-3 Lancastrian ‘crimes’ are denounced, men are summoned to array on Edward IV’s behalf.

7-3 Warwick leaves London, marching north through the west Midlands, recruiting and arraying men as he goes.

11-3 William Nevill, lord Fauconberg, leaves London with foot soldiers.

(uncertain dates)
Warwick finds Robert Holand, Bastard of Exeter, at Coventry and orders his execution.

Warwick, Edward and Fauconberg meet north of the Trent river.

27-3 Battle of Ferrybridge – Fitzwalter killed; Bastard of Salisbury (if he existed…) killed;  Clifford killed.

29-3 Battle of Towton


Warwick meets with Marie of Guelders in Dumfries. Various marriages are discussed, including one between Marie and Edward IV.


Sea truce negotiated with France. Bona of Savoy suggested as a suitable bride for Edward IV.
Duke of Somerset sends out raiding parties from Bamburgh castle.


Warwick and William lord Hastings are commissioned to treat with Luxembourg. Warwick and Edward IV’s differences in foreign policy begin to get serious.


Margaret of York’s marriage to Charles duke of Burgundy is announced.


Burgundian embassy notifies Edward IV that he has been elected to the Order of the Golden Fleece.

20-3 Birth of princess Cecily.


Lincolnshire rebellion


2-3 Edward IV, along with Richard duke of Gloucester, Anthony Wydeville and William Hastings, launches his invasion from Holland.

11-3 Edward IV sets sail from Flushing.

12-3 Edward attempts to land at Cromer on the Norfolk coast, he is prevented by the nearby presence of the earl of Oxford.

14-3 Edward lands at Ravenspur in Yorkshire.
Warwick heads for the midlands, leaving the Chancellor and Archbishop of York, George Nevill, in control of London

(uncertain dates)
Edward marches to Hull, saying that his only intention is to reclaim his estates – he is not given entrance.
Edward enters York with a small party (including Gloucester) declaring themselves loyal to Henry VI, the rest of his forces are let in shortly afterwards.
Edward heads south from York, expecting to be joined my John Nevill, marquis of Montagu; he meets Oxford and Exeter at Newark who retreat.

24-3 Margaret of Anjou, Edward Prince of Wales, Anne Nevill, John Wenlock and others leave for Honfleur.

29-3 Edward IV is outside Coventry; he challenges Warwick to battle; Warwick refuses the challenge – he is still waiting to be joined by Montagu, Oxford and Exeter.

  1. Susan Higginbotham says:

    A busy month!

  2. anevillfeast says:

    Yep, and a good month. April’s not going to be quite so much fun.

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