The Nevills in May

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Nevents


May The Duke of York heads north to Yorkshire to deal with the rebellion of the duke of Exeter.

Exeter is at Spofforth with the Percies, plotting to take over the government.

9 May York and lord Cromwell reach York.


May York, Salisbury and Warwick meet together in Ware on their way to intercept Henry VI.

20 May The king’s party leaves London for council meeting at Leicester, where (it is rumoured) York, Salisbury and Warwick are to be named traitors.

21 May The king’s party overnights at Watford.

22 May First battle of St Albans

York takes control of the government and is named Constable of England; Archbishop Bourchier is appointed chancellor; Viscount Bourchier is treasurer; Warwick becomes Captain of Calais.


28 May Warwick’s ships spot 28 Spanish ships, including 16 great ships of focsle – coming from the southwest. Warwick issues battle orders and leaves port.

29 May Spanish ships are sighted. Warwick attacks.


late May Warwick leaves Ireland for Calais, after conferring with the duke of York. He brings his (attainted) mother, the countess of Salisbury, from Ireland to Calais.


May Warwick is warden general of the east and west marches towards Scotland, in command of all military resources in the north.

end May Margaret of Anjou and the Lancastrian lords lead a party of Scots south to besiege Calais. John Nevill, lord Montagu, routs them and drives them back across the border. Warwick does the same with an enemy party threatening Durham.


1 May Edward IV marries Elizabeth Wydeville in a secret ceremony at Grafton Regis.

mid May Battle of Hexham. Montagu takes the duke of Somerset prisoner; Henry VI leaves Bamburgh castle; Somerset, lord Hungerford, lord Roos and fourteen others, tried by the earl of Worcester, are executed at York.

late May Warwick is negotiating a marriage treaty between Edward IV and Bona of Savoy.


26 May Queen Elizabeth is crowned at Westminster.


6 May Warwick is given a broad commission to treat with Charles count Charolais (son of the duke of Burgundy) over marriages and alliance against France.

25 May Edward IV extends the truce with Brittany.

27 May Warwick leaves for France with 200 attendants.

28 May The Bastard of Burgundy arrives in England. Negotiations begin for marriage between Charolais and Edward IV’s sister, Margaret.


early May Warwick is in Kent where his flagship, Trinity, is being refitted; George Nevill, archbishop of York, has secured a dispensation for the marriage of Isobel Nevill and George, duke of Clarence.

13 May Edward IV plans to visit Calais, but news comes of a rising in the north under ‘Robin of Redesdale’; he changes his plans and goes north.

mid May Robin of Redesdale issues a manifesto stating, among other things, that members of the royal family have been excluded from the king’s council and that the king is listening to unworthy favourites, including the Herberts and the Wydevilles.

end May Warwick is in Sandwich; most of his fleet is in the channel; Trinity is nearly ready to sail; men and weapons are pouring in.


early May Warwick lands at Harfleur.

12 May Louis XI promises Warwick his support, but not while he still has in his possession Burgundian ships. (Warwick had been pirating in the channel again.) He offers to take care of the countess of Warwick, Anne Nevill and Isobel, duchess of Clarence. He sends a gift of silk for the duke of Clarence.

Warwick says that he can’t move his ships or do anything else until he’s spoken to Louis. He sends the Bastard of Fauconberg out to get more ships, borrowing the Admiral of France’s fast, heavily gunned caravel for coastal raids.

The Duke of Burgundy informs Louis that he intends to attack Warwick and Clarence. He begins to assemble troops and a fleet.


4 May Battle of Tewkesbury; Edward Prince of Wales is killed.

6 May Gervase Clifton, along with others, is executed.

7 May Margaret of Anjou and Anne Nevill are found at Little Malvern Priory.

early May Edward IV mops up Lancastrian resistance.

21 May Edward IV enters London, leading Margaret of Anjou in a victory procession; Margaret of Anjou is imprisoned in the Tower of London

23 May Henry VI dies in the Tower of London.

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