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“how does he start to be a kingmaker (warwick the kingmaker)”

Well, I think it all started when someone gave him the wool, but he claims to have answered an ad on Craigslist.

“anne neville – did she die unexpected”

Yep, they had to scrabble around real fast to get her room ready.

“in 1452 what angered edward duke of york to march on london”

In this reality, nothing – he was still earl of march.

“did tony robinson claim to be anne robinson’s brother”

I have no idea. I’m still stuck on his unsupportable claim that Edward IV’s father really was an archer named Blaybourne.

“does it matter if history is fiction”

Well, occasional flashes of history can be found. If not: IT’S FICTION FOLKS. GET OVER IT!

“he pushed my wife’s skirts up to her waist”

Must be talking about Edward IV.

“countess anne lashes”

Well, someone had to keep the Kingmaker in check.

“margaret hits duchess henry vi”

Making sense of this one was more than my brain could manage.

“sandra worth nevill feast”

These two things just don’t go together at all!

“what does inaccuracies”

See above.

“english king married young bride mother next king”

As cause and effect go, this seems unremarkable.


It’s an actual word, actually found in The Arivall! Who’d have thought?

“margaret of anjou and henry holland”

Just another notch on her bedpost.

“battle of wakefield robert holland bastard”

This explains a good deal, depending on where you put the punctuation: Battle of Wakefield – Robert Holland. Bastard! – Works for me.

“duke of york’s secret lover”


“did the nevilles of raby family take on raby as a surname after their fall from grace”

a) No. b) They didn’t fall, they were pushed.

“elizabeth woodville sexy”

She had to be. Otherwise none of it would have happened.

“earl of warwick’s montague shoes”

Can I get them in the same shop as Jimmy Nail’s crocodile shoes?

“tenagers having sex naced”

If you can’t spell it, you’re probably too young to be looking for it. And you won’t find it anyway, most tenagers are only harf naced when they have sex.

“FATHER: Nevills, Thomas”

Not my Thomas, sadly.

“her knee up hard”

WARNING: soft squishy bits ahead.

“eleanor butler precontract”

I don’t have it! Honest.