On this day: 11 June

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Anne Nevill, Duchess of Gloucester, On this day...

Birth of Anne Nevill, younger daughter of Richard Nevill, earl of Warwick, and Anne Beauchamp, countess of Warwick.

Anne was born at Warwick Castle. She had an older sister, Isobel, and an older illegitimate half sister, Margaret.

In December 1470, Anne married Edward of Lancaster, Prince of Wales, in Amboise in France. Prince Edward was killed in May the following year at the battle of Tewkesbury.

Anne later married Richard duke of Gloucester. Anne’s wikipedia entry (which isn’t too horrific) dates this wedding at 12 July 1472, but I’m not sure if that date is solid. They had one child, a son Edward, born at Middleham c1473.

In 1483, Anne became queen of England when Richard orchestrated the overthrow of his brother’s son, Edward V. Richard and Anne were crowned on 6 July 1483 and young Edward became Prince of Wales.

Anne and Richard’s son, Edward of Middleham, died at Sheriff Hutton on 9 April 1484. Both his parents were overcome by grief.

Anne died on 16 March 1485, possibly of tuberculosis, and was buried in Westminster Abbey.


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