On this day: 25 June

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Anthony Wydeville, On this day..., Richard Grey


Execution of Anthony Wydeville, earl Rivers. Execution of Richard Grey.

Anthony Wydeville was the oldest son of Richard Wydeville earl Rivers and his wife Jacquetta duchess of Bedford.

In 1473, Edward IV appointed Wydeville (his brother-in-law) to the household of his son, Edward Prince of Wales. When Edward IV died, Wydeville was bringing his nephew (now Edward V) to London when he was intercepted by Richard duke of Gloucester, Edward IV’s younger brother and Protector of England.

Wydeville was arrested along with his nephew, Richard Grey, the son of queen Elizabeth Wydeville from her first marriage.

Wydeville and Grey were beheaded at Pontefract castle.

  1. Susan Higginbotham says:

    This STILL makes me mad. Thanks for remembering!

    • anevillfeast says:

      I understand how you feel, Susan! It’s this event more than anything that convinces me that Gloucester (rightly or wrongly) had grave concerns about a young king controlled by his mother’s family (and his own possible fate).

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