On this day: 11 July

Posted: July 11, 2011 in George, Duke of Clarence, Isobel Nevill, Duchess of Clarence, On this day...


Marriage of Isobel Nevill and George duke of Clarence in Canterbury and Calais. The marriage was undertaken against the wishes of Clarences brother, Edward IV. It was officiated by the bride’s uncle, George Nevill archbishop of York.

Immediately after the wedding, Clarence and his new father-in-law issued manifestoes criticising the king’s close advisors, including the family of his queen, Elizabeth Wydeville.

  1. Anerje says:

    Happy Anniversary, George and Isobel! I can just imagine the fury on Edward IV’s face…….

  2. anevillfeast says:

    Can we all say ‘hypocrite’? 😀 Furious, no doubt, but I once he realised there was no stopping it, he had the grace at least to accept it and welcome Isobel to both family & court.

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