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Posted: July 22, 2011 in The WIPs - Fitzhugh, The WIPs - Nevill

I don’t write in silence, though I am capable of it if need be. All of my projects have a songlist that grows as the work does. I hear something and it seems to fit. Nevill is no different, though the list is shorter than most.

The song that’s had the longest association is Dire Strait’s Private Investigations. I associate that closely with the battle of Bosworth and my personal search for the real Richard III. I haven’t found him yet.

Dream Angus is the most beautiful lullaby I’ve ever heard. Though it’s clearly Scots, I associate this with Anne Nevill and her son. I’ve tried to find something similar from the north of England without success. Though I prefer it sung by a woman, the Corries’s version I’ve linked to is gorgeous.

Regular readers of this blog might have noticed that I have developed quite an affection for lord Henry Fitzhugh and his wife, Alice (the Salisburys’ third daughter). There’s nothing in the sources that tells us how they felt about each other, no letters between them that I’ve managed to find, but I do get the feeling that their marriage was strong and embedded in mutual affection. And this song, from Split Enz, perfectly expresses (my) Henry’s feelings for his beautiful girl.

I was thinking about the battle of Wakefield, various images playing through my mind, while I was driving to Cooma one day – and this song came up. Perfect!

(This link doesn’t seem to be working anymore, at least here in Australia. So I’ve tried again.) 

And lastly, just to get those hearts and fists pumping… If this doesn’t get played over the opening credits of the sumptuous (and historically sound) BBC production of Nevill, I shall be most disappointed!

  1. Philippa says:

    Sadly I cannot comment on your choice of music for the opening credits of Nevill; I’m in the UK and good old EMI has placed a copyright boycott on the clip.

    Thank you for introducing me to Dream Angus, I’ve listen to the Corries, Annie Lennox and Barbara Dickson, all in different styles but all singing an evocative song beautifully

  2. anevillfeast says:

    Thanks Philippa. The last piece is Tenpole Tudor’s Swords of a Thousand Men – an oldie but a goodie! Dream Angus is one of my favourite songs of all time. I haven’t listened to Barbara Dickson’s version and Annie’s is a bit slow and dirgey. The Corries do a great job, I think.

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