Some of the things I really need to blog…

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Trivialities, rants & other ephemera

I’m getting to the end of the initial draft of the selkie story and should be returning to the 15th century in the next couple of weeks or so. And that’s started me thinking about what I should be blogging next. Things will come up as I’m reading and researching, but there are significant holes in the narrative so far.

For a start, there are a couple of marriages I haven’t got around to yet – the Stanleys and the Hastings …es. As, in my chronology at least, they haven’t happened yet (Alianor and Thomas Stanley marry in late 1454, Kathryn and William Hastings not till 1462), I’ve been using that as an excuse. The truth is, I don’t know a great deal about them and will need to do some serious digging.

I have a slightly better handle on the Courtenay-Bonville feud now, and that is definitely on my list.

The other day, someone searched for ‘papal dispensation Clarence and Isobel Neville’, hoping to find something relevant at the Feast. They’d have been sorely disappointed! Though I’ve blogged about the marriage, I haven’t written anything about the wedding itself or the events leading up to it. So that’s on my list, too, now.

I also have to roll up my sleeves and get stuck into the life of George Nevill, archbishop of York (he’s been nagging me constantly about this).

Stuff about wardening the marches, Warwick’s tenure as Captain of Calais, his natural daughter, Margaret, and what relationship she might have had with him, his countess and her half sisters…

So, there’s quite a bit to be getting on with. But the google search for the papal dispensation got me thinking – is there something else I need to be tackling that I haven’t thought of yet? If you have any requests, anything you’d like to know more about, anything interesting you think I might enjoy researching, please let me know. Leave a comment. Be as vague or as detailed as you like. I won’t be making any promises, but you never know… it might help me get my arse into gear.


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