On this day: 23 November

Posted: November 23, 2011 in On this day..., Perkin Warbeck


Perkin Warbeck is hanged. Warbeck had claimed to be the younger son of Edward IV and drew many supporters. He made two attempts to unseat Henry VII and was eventually captured in October 1497. He was hanged after allegedly making an escape attempt from the Tower of London in company with Edward earl of Warwick.


Death of Margaret duchess of Burgundy, youngest sister of Edward IV of England.

Death of Bona of Savoy, who was to have married Edward IV of England, had his secret marriage to Elizabeth Wydeville not pre-empted the negotiations. She married Galeazzo Sforza duke of Milan in 1468. They had three children. When her husband was assassinated in 1476, Bona acted as regent for their 7 year old son Gian. In 1480, Gian’s uncle Ludovico seized control of the duchy, and deposed his nephew. Bona left Milan.


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