On this day: 17 February

Posted: February 17, 2012 in 2nd St Albans


The forces of Margaret of Anjou, under the command of  Henry Beaufort duke of Somerset, defeat Richard Nevill earl of Warwick and his brother John at the battle of St Albans. Warwick makes his escape, travelling west to find Edward earl of March (duke of York since his father’s death at Wakefield, 30 December 1460). John (now lord Montagu) is captured and imprisoned in York, his life is spared as Somerset’s brother, Edmund, is bottled up in Guisnes Castle and, essentially, at Warwick’s mercy.

Sir Thomas Kyriell and William lord Bonville, who remained at their posts guarding the king, Henry VI, are executed.

from the Short English Chronicle

And a none after the quene reysed all the northe and all [other] pepull by the wey, compelled, dispoyled, rubbed and distroyed all maner of cattell, vetayll and riches to Seint Albones, where the Duke of Northefolke, the Erle of Warwyke and meny [other] lordis with Kynge Harrye and grete multitude of comynes and ordynaunce mett with hem with batayle, and slewe myche pepull on bothe the parties. And there Kynge Harry brake his othe and grement made be twene hym and his trewe lordis, and so wyckedly for sworne went to the contrary parte of the northe, and disseyved his trewe lordis that stode in grete jopardy for his sake, Northeffolke, Warwyke, with other moo, whiche were full fayne to scape with her lyves, and the Lord Bonvyle and Sir Thomas Kyryell, that bode with the kyng and trusted on him, for he graunted to save them; and they were be hedid evyn a for the quene and prince so called at that tyme. And so the kynge and quene purposed for to come to London and do excucion upon suche persones as was a yenes the quene, but the comynes of the cite wolde not suffer hem, nor none of herrys, to entyr in to London; and so they torned northewarde.


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