On this day: 4 March

Posted: March 4, 2012 in Earl of March/Edward IV, On this day...


The duke of Somerset, recently released after more than a year in the Tower, receives a declaration of innocence from Henry VI. He was arrested during the Duke of York’s first protectorate on charges of treason. The same day, York is dismissed as Captain of Calais and Somerset appointed in his place.


The earl of Warwick, already Captain of Calais, is appointed Keeper of the Seas.


18 year old Edward earl of March becomes Edward IV.

From Edward IV by Charles Ross (p34)

On Wednesday, 4 March, after hearing Te Deum in St Paul’s, Edward made his way to the Palace of Westminster and into the great hall. There he took the oath, and, donning the robes of a king and the cap of estate, took his seat upon the marble chair called ‘the King’s Bench’, with sceptre in hand. Having personally expounded his title to the throne, he was formally acclaimed by the assembled company, and at this point ‘took possession of the realm of England’. His formal coronation was postponed until later.


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