Ten reasons why the Duke of York would have made a better king…

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Trivialities, rants & other ephemera

… than Henry VI

1. His wife wasn’t French. The Duchess of York would have been an infinitely better queen than Margaret of Anjou, for this reason alone. As has been borne out throughout history, from Elizabeth Wydeville to Anne Boleyn, Anne Hyde to Lady Diana Spencer, women of good solid English stock make excellent brides for princes. Cecily would have aced being queen.

2. When something needed to be done, he got up and did it himself. Whenever the King wouldn’t talk to him, he just muscled his way right in there and made him take notice. All Henry did was sit under apple trees, singing and praying.

3. The Duke of York had four sons. Henry VI had one, and even then he was really the son of the Duke of Somerset (take your pick) or the Earl of Wiltshire or the late Duke of Suffolk.

4. His heir (despite really being the son of an archer) was tall and handsome, jolly and kind. Henry VI’s heir (despite really being the son of four different men) was cruel and sadistic. His royal mistresses wouldn’t have been merry at all, they’d have been terrified! This would not have been a good thing for England.

5. The Duke of York had the Nevills on his side. Henry VI didn’t. Well, not to start with…

6. The Duke of York was a Yorkist. Henry VI was a Lancastrian. Enough said.

7. He looked like a King. Henry looked like a Monk.

8. The common folk loved him. Mainly because his wife wasn’t French.

9. Two of his sons were kings. Two of his grandsons could have been but weren’t. If the Duke had got to be King, there’d have been a proper dynasty and everything.

10. If the Duke of York had been King, and one or other of his grandsons had been King after the King who was King after the Duke (or maybe the one after that), the Tudors would never have happened.

  1. 11. His frail and angelic son Richard might have never come to the throne, sparing us no end of sappy novels.

    • anevillfeast says:

      Brilliant contribution, thanks!

      • Not sure I agree with any of the queens cited in number one – but I agree with everything else – plus the fact that with Daddy as king, Ed IV would never have been allowed to marry Elizabeth Woodville – his eventual sons would have been his heirs and Bosworth would never have happened. Richard (neither frail nor angelic ) would not have been killed and yes – quite true – we’d be saved from many sappy novels and inaccurate non-fiction. Best of all – no Tudors.

  2. Mwhahaha, love it. 🙂 Great post!

  3. anevillfeast says:

    All a bit of fun, Barbara! Glad you noticed the not quite terrific queens/princesses of Wales listed in point 1! I thought of ‘Daddy wouldn’t have let him marry EW” when it was too late, and I didn’t want to make it 11 reasons (Susan did that for me.) Frail and angelic® Richard is all too often seen in smooshy romantic HF, sadly. In real life he was undoubtedly far from that!

  4. ROFL! Although, I have to disagree with Susan. If frail, angelic Richard had never been King, and we didn’t have the sappy novels about him; then what would we all point and laught at on rainy days? Really, those sappy novels are great ammunition 😛

  5. Esther Sorkin says:

    Great post! I wonder, though, what books would replace “Daughter of Time” on the list of “permanent classics” in detective fiction.

    • anevillfeast says:

      Good question, Esther. And then there’s Hawley Jarman. No We Speak No Treason. No *gasp* The King’s Grey Mare! No fateful meeting with Warwick on p 53, no lifelong obsession, no Feast… None of this would have happened…
      …. I’m scared now.

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