On this day: 25 April

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Isobel Ingoldisthorpe, John Nevill, On this day...


John Nevill marries Isobel Ingoldisthorpe in Canterbury. The ceremony was officiated by Archbishop Bourchier. Isobel was the daughter of Edmund Ingoldisthorpe (dec) of Borough Green and Joan Tiptoft, sister of the Earl of Worcester. Tiptoft was said to have ‘brought about’ the marriage. John was 27 and Isobel was 15. A payment of £1,000 pounds, in ten instalments, was to be paid to Margaret of Anjou, who held Isobel’s lands in wardship. Though at least some of this money was paid, a petition to parliament questioned both the payment and the wardship, as Isobel was 14 (and therefor of age) at the time of her father’s death. (www.british-history.ak.uk – Henry VI’s 1460 parliament) Below is the final clause in the petition.

Wherfore, please it your highnes tendirle to considre the premyssez, and theruppon by the advise and assent of your lordes spirituall and temporall, and of your communs, in this present parlement assembled, to ordeine and establyssh, by auctorite of þe same parlement, that the seid reconysauncez and ychone of theme, be voide and of none effect ne value; and also that women beyng of the age of .xiiij. yere at tyme of deth of thaire auncestres, withoute question or difficulte, have livere of their londes and tenementez to them descended, for so the lawe of this londe will that then thei shuld have; and the seid John and Isabell shall pray to God for youre most noble astate.


Battle of Hedgely Moor. A resounding victory for John Nevill, now Lord Montagu.


Isobel Ingoldisthorpe, widow of John Nevill, marries William Norreys. As Norreys was a servant of Edward IV, the king may have brought this marriage about.

  1. Kathryn says:

    Isobel married her second husband on the same date as her first? Interesting! 🙂

    • anevillfeast says:

      I haven’t looked for confirmation of this in any of the primary sources, yet. It may be an error perpetuated by various genealogies and other web material. On the other hand, she may have marked ‘anniversary’ in her twenty year diary…

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