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The earl of Warwick and George duke of Clarence are anchored outside Calais harbour after fleeing England with the countess of Warwick, duchess of Clarence and Anne Nevill. John Wenlock sends word that they should not try to land in Calais. Isobel duchess of Clarence gives birth to her first child, a boy, who is either stillborn or dies within hours. He is buried at sea. Her father sends to Calais for wine for her, as it was believed to have strengthening qualities.



After the failure of their rebellion against Edward IV, the earl of Warwick and George duke of Clarence, with the countess of Warwick and Anne Nevill, collect Isobel duchess of Clarence in Exeter and set sail for Calais.


George Nevill Archbishop of York is holding London for his brother, Richard Nevill earl of Warwick. In an attempt to get the populace on side, he brings Henry VI from the Tower of London and processes him through the city. The Mayor of London makes the decision to open the gates to Edward IV and the archbishop sends him secret messages of welcome.


Birth of a daughter, Stefanie Robyn, to Karen Clark and Nick Fowler. She is a tiny scrap of humanity but her spirit is strong. Her habit of bouncing began early and, 27 years later, is still well entrenched.


With Edward IV occupying Warwck castle, the duke of Clarence, in full battle array, approaches with a view to reconciliation with his brother. He attempts a reconciliation between Edward and the earl of Warwick. On advice from the earl of Oxford, Warwick refuses to talk. Edward offers “diverse good conditions and profitable for the earl if that he would have accepted them” – probably pardon of his life. Warwick refuses all offers and Edward issues his final challenge to battle.


Following the duke of York’s dismissal as Protector, the earl of Salisbury resigns as chancellor.


Lincolnshire rebellion. The duke of Clarence is in secret communication with the rebellion leaders. He sends word to his brother Edward IV that he is joining the earl of Warwick in the midlands to put down the rebellion.


George duke of Clarence is executed in the Tower of London, possibly drowned in his bath. He was convicted of treason against his brother, Edward IV.


Henry VI is restored to his throne under the government of Richard Nevill earl of Warwick and George duke of Clarence.


Coronation of king Henry VII.


Birth of George, duke of Clarence, third surviving son of Richard duke of York and his duchess, Cecily Nevill.

George was created duke of Clarence at the coronation of his brother, Edward IV. He married Isobel Nevill, daughter of Richard Nevill earl of Warwick on 11 July 1469. The couple had four children, two surviving into adulthood and both eventually executed. George was executed for treason 18 February 1478.


The earl of Warwick launches his final invasion of England. He takes to sea in sixty ships.

He, the duke of Clarence, Jasper Tudor and the earl of Oxford land at Plymouth with a small force.


Fresh from his victory at Northampton, Warwick enters London with the captive king, Henry VI. He carries the sword of state and takes the king to the bishop of London’s palace.


Piers de Breze is killed at the battle of Montlhery.


After the marriage of Isobel Nevill to George duke of Clarence, her husband and father, Richard Nevill earl of Warwick, issue a manifesto stating that they are going to rescue the people of England from Edward’s unworthy favourites. They call on the people of Kent for support.


Marriage of Isobel Nevill and George duke of Clarence in Canterbury and Calais. The marriage was undertaken against the wishes of Clarences brother, Edward IV. It was officiated by the bride’s uncle, George Nevill archbishop of York.

Immediately after the wedding, Clarence and his new father-in-law issued manifestoes criticising the king’s close advisors, including the family of his queen, Elizabeth Wydeville.